Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Clownish Commissars of the Culture

They hate Trump for the common sense they lack.

George Neumayr August 23, 2017

They instead rant and rant about the mental health of “dissenters,” those deplorables who refuse to conform to the dogmas of the commissars.  Among the self-appointed commissars of the culture, the hatred for Trump assumes the dimensions of a psychiatric disorder. But like the Soviet commissars of old, they don’t treat their own delusions..........The commissars have had to content themselves with ugly little victories in university towns and urban hellholes. Just visit Baltimore if you want to see what the left’s “fundamentally transformed America” looks like. Its hoodlums and political class are barely distinguishable. Both are drunk on decades of lying PC victimology, out of which has come a criminal sense of entitlement and a barbaric contempt for American tradition. That Baltimore is ground zero for statue-smashing makes perfect sense............Bret Stephens, in the midst of his frenzied prediction last year that Trump would go down to epic defeat, salivated at the prospect of rank-and-file conservatives learning a bitter lesson from supporting such a con man. Where is Stephens these days? He is on MSNBC, comparing Rex Tillerson to Pol Pot............To Read More....

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