Sunday, August 27, 2017

Death Cultist Calls for Trump's Impeachment

By Daren Jonescu

Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich is calling for Donald Trump's impeachment "as soon as possible." His argument, in a nutshell: Trump is almost as deranged and mentally unstable as…Robert Reich. Here is his initial argument in his own words (from an August 18 blog post):......."Abuse of power," "mental impairment," "unhinged sociopath." Well, well. Might we take a moment, then, to do the very unprogressive thing, and apply these same kettle-judging standards to the pot? "Let's be clear," as Reich would say. There is already enough evidence to commit Robert Reich to an insane asylum on grounds of sociopathic delusions of grandeur and intent to commit geronticide......To Read More.....

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