Sunday, August 27, 2017

Black Lives Matter tells White People – ‘Give Us Your Stuff!’

By Jeff Dunetz August 23, 2017

Hey, we want your stuff! That seems to be the new motto of Black Lives Matter (BLM). They don’t mention whether or not they will start shooting us if we refuse like, you know like they incite people to do with cops. Chanelle Helm who is the “co-founder and core organizer of Black Lives Matter Louisville” gave a list of ten things they want. The list, which I assure you I will not be following and neither will anyone with a brain, includes a demand of white people to give up their homes to black people after the Charlottesville riots.......To Read More...or as much as you can stand----- or---- maybe even understand.

My Take - Fortunately we always have apologists and excusers to help us understand those who are not the brightest pebbles in the brook in leadership positions - Snopes.

Does it ever make you wonder how bright their followers are?  Did you ever wonder what kind of person would vote for Maxine Waters????  Or better yet - Rep, Hank Johnson who thinks Guam might fall over into the ocean if there are too many troops stationed there.  Of course he was just kidding.....Yeah......Right! 

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