Monday, August 21, 2017

New Paper: CO2 Has ‘Negligible’ Influence On Earth’s Temperature

Water Vapour Climate Forcing ‘Up To 200 Times’ Greater, ‘Overrides Any Effect By CO2’

Lightfoot and Mamer, 2017

(1) Robust scientific evidence shows the sun angle controls water vapour content of the atmosphere, the main component of back radiation, as it cycles annually.

Back radiation, water vapour concentration, and atmospheric temperature follow the sun angle daily and over the seasons, increasing as the sun angle increases and falling as it decreases. Water vapour concentration is measured as parts per million by volume (ppmv) or by the ratio of the number of water vapour molecules for each CO2 molecule (H2O/CO2 ratio).
The purpose of this study is to present robust evidence that the sun is working with water vapour to control the Earth’s climate and to show that the influence of CO2 on atmospheric temperature is so small as to be negligible.
(2) Water vapour content measured as the ratio of the number of water molecules to CO2 molecules varies from 1:1 near the Poles to 97:1 in the Tropics. ......To Read More....

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