Saturday, July 30, 2016

Want to know Hillary's only qualification to be president?

By J. Marsolo   

It's a doozy!  The Hillary strategy to win is to destroy Donald Trump. This was the theme of the convention, with each speaker attacking Trump. Doug Schoen, who has run many Democrat campaigns, said on Fox that Hillary will spend two billion dollars in negative ads. Hillary has nothing positive to offer. 

 Her record as secretary of state is a failure, from supporting the killing of Gaddafi, which caused Libya to descend into anarchy and become a haven for ISIS, to failing to provide the requested security at Benghazi, then doing nothing on the day of the attack and lying about its cause. 

She actually, without shame, told the mother of Sean Smith that the attack was cause by a video. This alone should be enough to disqualify and defeat her. She should have been indicted for lying about the emails and endangering national security, but the director of the FBI gave her a pass. Now we learn that the DNC worked with her to defeat Bernie so she could win. Her record as a senator is that she voted for the Iraq War, which she now is trying to explain away..... More

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