Thursday, July 28, 2016

Democrats Caught Mocking America: Don’t Apologize, Blame Putin

By Onan Coca

Over the weekend the Democrat Party was humiliated by the release of a treasure trove of internal DNC emails from the folks at WikiLeaks. The emails uncovered the fact Democrats were corrupt, racist, lying scoundrels (something most of us already knew) and that they have been in bed with the media to destroy Bernie and the Republicans since before Clinton even announced her candidacy.

To combat the deluge of negative attention to their obviously heinous behavior, the DNC has taken to arguing that Vladimir Putin and the evil Russians are behind the leaks because they want Donald Trump to win (and that can’t be good). I could buy that. I could see Putin messing with Hillary and attempting to influence the American election, but that doesn’t matter at all.

The truth is this… Vladimir Putin and the Russians simply hacked the DNC.....To Read More.....

My Take - Once again - did Putin hack the DNC?  I have no idea! But we have to understand this - all this is an effort to distract the public from the real issues.

Three things.

1. Are the e-mails being released truthful? Apparently they must be because with all the hoopla coming out of the DNC I've not seen one word claiming they're fake.

2.  One question that needs to be answered.   Why would Putin want to support Trump over Hillary?  Maybe he has some information that's not obvious to the rest of us, but Hillary has already shown she's a chump. The Donald may be far more difficult, and adaptable - which he's demonstrated thus far, and if that's true - why would having The Donald as President be useful to Putin?

3. I can see Assange going after a demagogic idiot like Hillary and her corrupt husband just because they're so .... well..... targetable. Virtually everything they say is a misconstruction of reality in order to fit their immediate needs, their insatiable greed and their unrelenting desire for power. These are people with some real mental issues. Corrupt people with mental issues who have remarkable influence. Just the thing Assange loves to expose.  Did he do this via the Russians?  I have no idea, but are the e-mails true..... the answer must be a resounding - yes!

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