Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Spineless IOC Surrenders Olympic Integrity to Russia

Nico Hines, The Daily Beast July 25, 2016

Deplorable Olympic bosses have tainted the legacy of the entire sporting movement by failing to stand up to Russia’s blatant cheating.  The International Olympic Committee just cast a devastating shadow over its own showpiece event that will linger long after the world’s athletes return home from Rio.

Faced with a clear-cut case of institutionalized, systematic cheating, the IOC was too pathetic to enforce its Olympic charter. Sports’ most cherished guiding principles were first written out by hand in 1898. This weekend, we might as well toss them away.

By allowing the Russian flag to be paraded around the MaracanĂ£ stadium in downtown Rio in 12 days’ time, spineless Olympic bosses are publicly acknowledging what we all feared: The Olympic Games are dirty; drug cheats will prosper; and the IOC is no fit custodian of the greatest event on Earth.......... Read More.....

My Take - The corruption of the OIC has been documented for years....so why are we surprised?  What surprised me was the initial ban! That took guts and integrity. Apparently in short supply at the OIC. No surprise!!!!

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