Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Voice from a ‘West Bank Settlement’

By Ron Kean

I live in Ma’ale Adumim, Israel. Some call it a West Bank Settlement but actually it’s a beautiful municipality of about 40,000 Jews. It has a mall with typical women’s shoe stores, places to eat, jeans stores, ACE hardware and more.

It’s about 30 minutes east of Jerusalem by bus. Ma’ale Adumim was almost given away to the PA by either PM Barak or PM Ohlmert in one of the land-for-peace deals that were turned down by the Arabs because 95% of what they asked for wasn’t enough. They can get way more dollars and euros complaining about an imaginary plight than by having their own state. Between us and Jerusalem are Palestinian villages.

Actually they’re townships with 8 to 12 story residential apartment buildings. There are large signs at the entrances to these townships warning Jews not to make a wrong turn and accidentally enter them. The signs say it’s dangerous to your life....... Read more

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