Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Precipitable Water

One of my great pleasures is to come across a new dataset. Turn me loose on new observations of this magical world, and there’s no telling where I’ll end up. Thanks to a recent article here on WUWT I got to thinking about water vapor. Some research found the RSS 1° gridded “total precipitable water” (TPW) dataset. Total precipitable water (TPW) is the mass (or sometimes the depth) of water in a 1 metre by 1 metre column from the surface to the top of the atmosphere, if it all fell as rain. The RSS dataset has the TPW (for the ice-free ocean areas only) since 1988. Figure 1 shows the average values, in kilograms of water per square metre. Note that the RSS dataset only covers the ice-free oceans....To Read More.....

My Usual Request: We can minimize misunderstandings by being specific. If you disagree with me or anyone, please quote the exact words you disagree with, so we can all understand the exact nature of your objections. I can defend my own words. I cannot defend someone else’s interpretation of some unidentified words of mine.

My Other Request: If you believe that e.g. I’m using the wrong method or the wrong dataset, please educate me and others by demonstrating the proper use of the right method or identifying the right dataset. Simply claiming I’m wrong about methods or data doesn’t advance the discussion unless you can point us to the right way to do it.

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