Saturday, July 30, 2016

Feminism Attacks at All Levels

David Solway

I recently came across a mewling article in one of Canada’s “progressive” mags, The Walrus, in which theatre critic Erika Thorkelson bemoans “the insidious sexism of the Canadian theatre world” and the comparative paucity of female actors and playwrights. Her theme is “gender imbalance” -- the latest buzzword in the feminist war against men -- which, of course, is owing to something like an exclusionary male commissariat intent on safeguarding its unjust privileges.

That there may be other reasons for the supposed “imbalance” -- lack of comparable interest, different distributions of talent -- must not be mentioned since that would call her thesis into question. I certainly have not noticed any marked dearth of females on the theatrical, operatic, or cinematic scenes. And in the music world, come to think about it, females abound. No matter. The patriarchy strikes again.......Feminism will ultimately fail for the same reason that socialism always fails. But, like socialism, it will wreak enormous damage on its way to cultural and political disaster......More

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