Saturday, July 30, 2016

I Make No Claims. I Report Facts

By Rich Kozlovich

First of all - I make no claims about Global Warming, or as it's now being touted - Climate Change since the warming has been stopped for 20 years, which is being called "the pause".  I merely report the facts. 

Warmists make claims, extrordinary claims.  Extrordinory claims with no scientific foundation.  All their "data" has either been based on computer models, speculation, data dredging, minipulated data or a misrepresentation of the data.

Having said that - the satellite data show no amazing warming for 2015.  Here's a recent and well done article by James Dillingpole dealing with the false claim about 2015 being the hottest year on record.  But his article isn't singular, the internet is replete with this information.  How did anyone interested in this issue miss it? 

His article also deals with the fact global warming and government grant money has made scientific integrity an oxymoron.   There's been innumerable articles dealing with the exposue of the Hockey Stick Graph, the Climategate scandal, and Mann's loss of his SLAPP lawsuit against Tim Ball in Canada because he wouldn't turn over data required by the court. 

Science with hidden, unforthcoming data isn't science - it's a demand for faith!  And anthropogenic global warming isn't universally embraced by scientists all over the world, except those in the power structure.  Phillip Stott called this scam subprime science, subprime economics and subprime politics.  How did you miss all of that? 

As for the feelings of resentment against those who point out such a lack of integrity in the scientific community: I have to ask why? It's being reported - everywhere - how did they miss it? 

Resentment isn't the emotion they should be feeling.  The feelings they should be expressing are dissapointment and embarassment that so many "scientists" are dishonest.  Perhaps you should take a look at this article in Nature where "Faked peer reviews prompt 64 retractions", and a really exciting site called Retraction Watch.  Here's one of my postings about the retractions they listed in the first six months of 2012.   Amazingly large don't you think?  And this goes on every year.  How did anyone interested in scientific integrity miss that? 

In fact, according to this post, "Studies show only 10% of published science articles are reproducible." Then there's this, The Trouble With 'Scientific' Research Today: A Lot That's Published Is Junk, and then there's this, Trouble at the lab, and Scientists' Elusive Goal: Reproducing Study Results.  That's just the tip of the iceberg.  Then there's my article, The 97% Lie

What's happening?  How did any of the Global Warming fellow travelers miss all of that?  They miss it because anything that detracts from the Global Warming litany is a direct attack of their neo-pagan secular religion - environmentalism.  We really do need to this right - environmentalism is the secular religion of the urban atheist.  Once we understand that understanding everything else they do us much easier.

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