Wednesday, July 27, 2016

DNC Delegate Waves PLO Terror Flag, Boos Platform

Daniel Greenfield / This Appeared Here.....

At least no one was waving the ISIS flag. Yet. Maybe they can save that for 2020.
Meanwhile this was the circus at the DNC.
Florida delegate Ali Kurnaz, also a Sanders supporter, took issue with the platform’s stance on Israel and Palestine. During the platform vote, he stood in an aisle holding a Palestinian flag and yelling: “The DNC platform does not recognize the occupation of the Palestinian people.” 
He told ThinkProgress he would be voting down the platform because it makes no mention that Israel is “occupying the Palestinian territories.”
There were reportedly quite a few of the PLO terror flags at the convention too. But if you're going to have a pro-terrorist party, then you might as well fly your freak Jihadi flag.

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