Thursday, July 28, 2016

Whom Does Putin Really Want in the White House?

By Jonathan F. Keiler

Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robbie Mook recently suggested that Russian intelligence leaked Democrat National Committee (DNC) emails in an attempt to undermine his candidate and promote Donald Trump. In doing so, Mook followed the example of his master, or perhaps her direct instruction, for bamboozling a compliant press and public when confronted with negligence or wrongdoing. This means nestling a kernel of possible truth within a humongous lie, as in turning Republican dislike of the Clintons into a "huge right wing conspiracy." Or denying that classified material ran through Hillary's server by claiming that nothing was ever "marked classified at the time" (though eventually even this truth kernel rotted away).

It's certainly possible that mischievous Russian hackers supplied Wikileaks with embarrassing emails that demonstrated yet again the corruption within the Democrat machine, as the DNC (supposedly unbiased) tipped the scales in favor of Hillary. It is quite another to deduce from this that Russia's goal is to promote Trump over Clinton. In fact, the idea is fairly preposterous, from the standpoints that this would be an operation with a reasonable chance of long-term success and that Russia would find a Trump presidency preferable......So please explain, Mr. Mook, why Vladimir Putin would prefer to have Trump in the White House when Hillary has already done so much for him.....Read more

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