Thursday, July 28, 2016

Challenger raps Paul Ryan's open border policies

The man who hopes to upset Rep. Paul Ryan in the Aug. 9 Republican primary election says the government should start deporting every person who is in the country illegally when they encounter police.  The comment from Paul Nehlen, town of Delavan, came as the candidate discussed immigration issues with a Gazette reporter.

Nehlen has been saying Ryan is soft on illegal immigration, calling him “Open-Borders Ryan.”
“There should be zero crimes committed in this country by illegal aliens because there shouldn’t be illegal aliens in this country, period,” Nehlen said.

Nehlen’s solution would be to build a wall on the Mexican border–but only where it is needed–and then to tax all money sent to Mexico at 20 percent. The money would pay for the wall and for restitution to families whose members were killed by people here illegally, Nehlen said......To Read More....

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