Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Scientific Method Is Racist

By Jeffrey B. Shellan

The scientific method is one of the greatest contributions of Western civilization. The scientific method, limited representative government, and capitalism were the West's winning hand that created the modern world.  All three are now under attack by the left.  In this article, their assault on the scientific method is examined.  A Brown University orientation pamphlet for the 2015 freshman class suggests an alternative tool to the scientific method for the formulation and testing of hypotheses:
As you might learn in your time at Brown [University], research and academics have often emphasized and valued quantitative data, statistical information, and documentation through written word. Our goals through our research are to push back on this systematic oppression through valuing our personal experience, oral and creative histories and the celebration of collaboration and community. (6:42 min. into the YouTube video "Is the University Killing Free Speech and Open Debate")
The social justice warriors at Brown University are describing an "analysis tool" that has come to be known as critical theory.  When refined to address racial issues (primarily African-American), its name is critical race theory (CRT)...........Read more

My Take - Lysenkoian thinking!!! Please read my article - Let Me Tell You about Trofim Denisovich Lysenko

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