Friday, July 29, 2016

What if an Anti-American Cult Had a Convention?

Jeffrey T. Brown

Preceding that convention, we might already presumably know something about that cult, as well as its goals and objectives, since cults exist to spur larger and more oppressive versions of themselves that usurp power and mandate allegiance.  They can't very well do this under a bushel basket. They have to go public in order to recruit enough gullible and warped individuals to swell the ranks.

If there were such a cult, we might foresee that it would be made up of narrow-minded, intolerant, hate-filled people who reject the dignity of human life and self-determination.

They would so resent the individualism and freedom of other segments of society as to believe that their superiority, and that of their vision, entitles them to do anything, and take anything, they wish. I imagine that such people, driven by a bizarre lack of self-awareness, and an equally impressive degree of selfishness and narcissism, would not only condone the death of others, but capitalize on death as a tool to further their agenda of control and oppression.  After all, the rationalization goes, the exploited are dead.  What do they care?  And what is death but a practical response to an inconvenient obstacle to primacy?.........Read more

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