Friday, July 29, 2016

Katie McGinty’s Controversial Past

by Brendan Bordelon @brendanbordelon

At a swanky League of Conservation Voters dinner last month in Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania Democrat Katie McGinty, who is running to unseat incumbent Republican senator Pat Toomey this fall, recalled an episode from her time working in Bill Clinton’s White House. She recounted her 1996 push, as head of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, to designate 1.8 million acres of Utah wilderness a national monument. She praised her former colleagues, many of whom were sitting in the audience, for their help in bypassing Congress by “dusting off the Antiquities Act” and using it to “protect and celebrate our heritage.”

The message may have seemed a sensible one in a room of environmentalist donors, but it was strange that she raised the episode at all in the middle of her close Senate race with Toomey, given that it marked a low-point in her professional history.......Read more

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