Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pressure grows on Angela Merkel to close the door

An axe attack, a mass shooting, a machete assault and a suicide bomb : Germany is reeling after four deadly incidents of violence in a single week.

On Monday morning, as Germans woke to the latest news that a 27-year-old Syrian man, denied asylum in their country, had blown himself up near a music festival in Ansbach, the fear was palpable. And, holed up in her rural retreat in Uckermark, north-east of Berlin, Chancellor Angela Merkel was an obvious target for those looking for someone to blame.

Interior minister Thomas de Maizi̬re was at pains to point out in a press conference that, while many aspects of the attacks remained unclear, none of the perpetrators Рone of whom was even German born and bred Рhad come to the country last summer.

While two of the men were Syrian refugees and a third an asylum seeker whose country of origin is still unclear, the 18-year-old who carried out by far the bloodiest attack, killing nine people at a Munich shopping centre on Friday night, was the son of Iranian refugees who came to Germany in the 1990s.......To Read More....

My Take -'s Islam....get it!

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