Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hillary’s Extortion… er, Speech Fees

By Adrian Vance

Below is the official record of Hillary Clinton’s fees for 20 minute speeches to each of these Wall Street banks.  The total is $21,667,000, all paid during her tenure as Secretary of State from 4/18/13 to 3/19/15 and yet not one major media, broadcast or cable TV newspaper writer has taken the time to add it  up, much less express what it means.  Are we in a new Dark Age?  In addition to not teaching our history, politics or economics have we lost basic math or the ethic to do a good job?

How many United States executives made that much money in less than two years!  For what were these many banks, corporations and organizations  paying?  In all likelihood Hillary was selling future access and consideration of the President of the United States. This clearly stinks to high Heaven......To Read More...

Hillary Speech Fees

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