Wednesday, July 27, 2016

No One is Safe in France

By Stephen Bryen and Rachel Ehrenfeld

When priests have to fear their throats will be slit while celebrating morning Mass, no one is safe in France. 
But did 85 years old Rev. Jacques Hamel had to die?   
The murder of Father Hamel in a Catholic church at the center of St.-√Čtienne-du-Rouvray in Rouen, Normandy, could have been prevented.  The French security forces knew this church was targeted by ISIS when they captured some ISIS hit-lists months ago. Also, the attackers were known for their affiliation with ISIS.
The latest Islamic terrorists’ attack in France demonstrates without any doubt the complete incompetence of the French authorities at all levels.  It illustrates either the total disdain for its own citizens or its inability to understand and act on the threat that is destabilizing the French society.  This time, a Catholic church was the target. Previously there were attacks on synagogues, Jewish Kosher stores, a newspaper, concert halls, night clubs, sporting events and national celebrations including the mass killing in Nice during Bastille Day fireworks. These, in addition to many other smaller, unreported or underreported attacks throughout the country.
But the French authorities have done worse than nothing. Why the incompetence?.....To Read More...
My Take - The problem with Europe is it no longer believes in the foundational values that created Western Europe,  that compared to the rest of the world is distinct and superior.  They're basically leftists who are atheists or agnostic, and as a result can't understand they're fighting a religious war because they have no religion to defend.   

Make no mistake about this though - this murderous violence against decent innocent people is triggering a societal  paradigm that going to bring about a revolutionary movement.   And it won't be a slowly expanding movement.   It will explode in one location when it happens, and that explosion will touch off explosions everywhere in Europe, and these leftist internationalist multicultural governments will collapse to be replaced with leftist nationalist governments.
There's another Hitler, Mussolini or Franco out there just waiting to take over, except they won't be concerned with conquering their neighbors.  They'll just try to make sure Europeans survive as a people and culture. And none of it will be pretty to watch. 

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