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Human Sacrifice on the Altar of Gaia

June 2008 By Anne Barbeau Gardiner

In the past thirty years, scientist James Lovelock, Fellow of the Royal Society in England and originator of the Gaia Theory, has published several books on Gaia. It was around 1970 that Lovelock first came up with the name "Gaia" for the Earth (he usually puts a capital E on Earth). In his latest outing, The Revenge of Gaia: Why the Earth is Fighting Back -- and How We Can Still Save Humanity, he assures us several times that he uses the name as a metaphor. But it turns out that for him a metaphor is not just a rhetorical device: He finds Gaia a "useful metaphor" because the present ecological crisis "requires us to know the true nature of the Earth and imagine it as the largest living thing in the solar system." Here the metaphor Gaia turns out to be the way to know the true nature of the planet. Then Lovelock invites us to a change of "heart and mind" so that we may "instinctively sense" Gaia as a living planet. How can we instinctively sense a metaphor? Evidently, Gaia is for him far more than a trope. While he admits that the name offends the "scientifically correct," he declares that he is "unrepentant" about using it because this metaphor is a "path to the primitive feelings of the unconscious part of our minds." That's the part he thinks we can use to contact Gaia……Throughout his work, Lovelock keeps switching between the calm, dispassionate tones of a scientist and the frenzied shrieks of a seer. But why does he need to act as Gaia's prophet? Because he has embraced Deep Ecology.....
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My Take - This is an oldie but goodie.   I came across it as I was reworking my Access to the Zone of Reality page. I didn't post it at the time, but I wish that I had. Even though Lovelock made some serious changes in his views regarding global warming, he still clings to all the other loony greenie ‘Gaia’ claptrap he spewed out over the years. He, like all the other green loons place nature above mankind. We have to understand that environmentalism has its foundation firmly established in ancient paganism, and in the western world it can easily be traced to the mist covered dark forests of ancient Germania and the worship of nature directed by the Druids. Whether one is a believer or not we have to understand the pagan history behind environmentalism.

Environmentalism is ancient paganism morphed into a modern neo-pagan concept of nature worship, that is given credibility by atheistic scientists - men of faith!  Men who have a deeper faith than most believers.  Why do I say that?  Because after initial efforts to clean up the air and water everything environmentalists have promoted and claimed has turned out to be wrong - and deadly!  Big time wrong, and yet so many of them continue to cling to these clearly unscientific views irrespective of how often they’re shown to be wrong.  That’s real faith - which is a deep genetic need -  to believe! 

Environmentalism is a neo-pagan concept in direct opposition to Judaic/Christian teachings , principles and ethic, which places mankind over nature. Environmental paganism is the modern version of Baal worship, where they worshipped the creation instead of the creator, and were prepared to make human sacrifices.  Just as the greenie are prepared to do today, only worse, and the leaders of this movement are modern Druids. 

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