Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Abolish the IRS

Conservative Action Alerts
The Internal Revenue Service's attack on tea party groups, pro-gun groups, Christian groups, and the First Amendment requires Congress to take severe and meaningful action.  Right now, we're calling for the complete abolition of the Internal Revenue Service in order to end its "power to abuse" once and for all.

As Sen. Cruz says:
"The IRS has not honored its trust with the American people [and] the Obama Administration has demonstrated a willingness to use the machinery of government to target their political enemies. That's wrong... It is a manifestation of too much power in the federal government. When the federal government has that much power in our individual lives it's an invitation to being abused. And I think we ought to abolish the IRS ..." 
We must demand our Representatives and Senators to join Senator Ted Cruz and work to strike the root of the IRS scandal by working to abolish the Internal Revenue Service entirely….To Read More….

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