Monday, February 10, 2014

How the party leadership and K Street won the farm bill fight

By Timothy P. Carney
A trillion-dollar, pork-filled farm bill stuffed with corporate welfare passed the House last week and cleared the Senate on Tuesday -- thanks in part to a little-noticed maneuver by the bipartisan leadership in both chambers. Liberals, conservatives, libertarians and conservationists all opposed the farm bill on many policy grounds:
The bill perpetuates the federal sugar program. Arguably Washington's least defensible corporate welfare boondoggle, the sugar program keeps out foreign sugar, hiking prices for consumers, killing jobs for candy makers and enriching a few politically connected sugar producers. The farm bill replaces a flawed program of direct payments to farmers with a potentially more wasteful program of subsidized crop insurance, which takes money from taxpayers and gives it to banks and farming businesses…..To Read More….

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