Thursday, February 20, 2014

FDA: New BPA experiment finds no low-dose effects (a/k/a Salt is Salty)

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For years, various environmental and academic groups have been desperately trying to explain how it can be that high doses of chemicals (a common target: bisphenol-A, BPA), referred to as “endocrine disruptors,” have little or no adverse effects in rodents, but low doses can pose risks?
Rather than give up, they have persisted—to the point where they made up an entirely new (and well beyond irrational) hypothesis, based on faulty (to say the least) science. Rather, they should have raised the white flag and conceded, “Well, we really screwed this up, guys. Let’s move on.”
No such luck. Instead, they somehow decided that a better explanation was a bit of craziness called the “low dose effect” —a splendid piece of science sleight-of-hand, which, if twisted properly can be made to look somewhat like a rational explanation. But you have to really do some twisting……… And ACSH has been on this for a long time. See our publication on “The Low-dose Effect.”…..To Read More…..

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