Sunday, February 16, 2014

Scientists tricked into believing this lie

World Net Daily, 2/15/14

The climate-change movement is ultimately designed to thin the earth’s population, and the science behind the movement is deeply and deliberately flawed to further a political end, according to climatologist Dr. Tim Ball….[who] lays out how he believes those perpetrating in this massive scientific fraud managed to keep the truth hidden from mainstream scientists and later intimidated most of them to keep them quiet.…..the motivation for the climate-change movement’s leaders is nothing new. He told Radio America’s Greg Corombos it is the latest incarnation of an effort that goes back to the 19th century writings of Thomas Malthus, who argued that the human population was growing so fast that the earth’s resources could never sustain it. He, therefore, advocated population control to ward off mass disease and starvation……“That’s been the whole driving force of everything Maurice Strong is doing….one of the most pivotal figures in the advancement of what he considers the modern-day assault on industrialized nations…… “When he made the comment…. about how we’ve got to shut down industrialized nations…..He said, ‘You can’t do anything as a politician. I’m going to go to the U.N. and get all the money I want and not be accountable to anybody.’”……. Independent scientists were also silenced because the WMO and its member nations only provided money to scientists who adopted the official line…..To Read Much More…..

My Take - Remember now - there's no such thing as a conspiracy!  Right?

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