Monday, February 24, 2014

Michelle Rhee: School Choice and Common Core Cheerleader

By M. Catharine Evans and Ann Kane February 20, 2014

Who would have thought the champion of charters and school choice, the foe of teachers unions, was connected to Common Core before most people had even heard the term? Michelle Rhee is that woman and she has poured millions into getting Republican candidates elected in at least 17 states [in 2012, 90 out of the 105 candidates backed by Rhee were Republicans or conservatives] Texas may be next on the list -- see USA Today op-ed co-authored by Rhee and Susan Combs, Texas State Comptroller.
The StudentsFirst CEO not only supports Common Core, two of its lead writers were on Rhee's board of her billion dollar organization. On IRS 501c (3) and 501c (4) applications for StudentsFirst Institute and StudentsFirst respectively, David Coleman, regarded as the architect of Common Core, is listed as Treasurer and Jason Zimba as Director. Zimba, a Math professor from Bennington College, authored the wacky and Kafkaesque CCSS Math standards…..To Read More……

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