Wednesday, February 26, 2014

“100 Years of Democrat Rule and What Are the Results?”

Written on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 by Syd Wolf
The Progressive Movement embraced nefarious, ideologically driven individuals who supported an agenda which transitioned our nation from a “republic” to a “democracy” and now towards an “oligarchic” form of government. “Democracy” was a convenient vehicle to move to “majority rule” and now what is deemed “politically correctness.” Corruption and narcissistic frailties of human virtue and morality has led us to rule by an elitist class and the trampling of the rights and liberties of the minority. Implementation has been slow, calculated and incremental; but was easily facilitated by a distracted, constitutionally illiterate and uniformed electorate.
Promoting “democracy,” as a form of government, cultivates a “false sense of entitlement and security,” promotes anarchical behavior like “Occupy Wall Street” and empowers other factions, groups or individuals. Use of the term “democracy” asserts democratic rights and principles that end up paralyzing constitutional procedures and processes as well as subversive ideas. Propaganda of fraud, lies and “political correctness” leads to the loss of liberty and surrendering rights guaranteed by our Constitution.
Elitists have become social engineers, changing our society to fit their code of ethics using devious means to sneer at or subvert established moral values and virtues to make their own conduct acceptable.  Historically, Democrats have dominated Congress and the Presidency and over the past 100 years the Democrats have held power twice as long as Republicans; higher when looking at complete control of both Houses and Presidency. Composition of Congress from 1931 to present (82 years):....To Read More.....

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