Monday, February 10, 2014

California. Open for business?

Paul TaylorECOPOLITICSPaul Taylor February 9, 2014
California has long been seen as America’s entrepreneurial epicenter and progressive trend setter, where you pick your perfect lifestyle, outdoor sport and environment. But beyond the gilded California commercials is a broken system plagued by over-regulation, mindless bureaucracies, high taxes and pernicious lawsuits..... A chronic business impediment is the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). CEQA, a 1975 law to curb the damaging environmental impacts of development, has mutated into a monster.  Almost anyone can file a CEQA lawsuit against any development they dislike; plaintiffs win half of the cases they file, and when they lose they do not pay the defendants’ legal fees (the reverse does not apply). Developers are forced to hire expensive unionized labor to ward off union bosses’ threats of spurious CEQA suits. For example, shops and gas stations file CEQA lawsuits to prevent competitors from opening up across the street. CEQA has been amended hundreds of times, mostly by partisan “green” special interests......To Read More.....

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