Monday, February 10, 2014

California’s Two Droughts

By Victor Davis Hanson February
Despite recent sporadic rain, California is still in the worst extended drought in its brief recorded history. If more storms do not arrive, the old saying that California could withstand two droughts — but never three — will be tested for the first time in memory……The vast 4-million-acre farming belt along the west side of the Central Valley is slowly drying up. ……And never has farming been so central to a state suffering from the aftershocks of a housing collapse, chronic high unemployment, overregulation, and the nation’s highest sales, income, and gas taxes.
Yet there are really two droughts…..Apparently, Pacific-corridor residents from San Diego to Berkeley had acquired the affluence not to worry so much about the….. brilliantly designed system of canals, reservoirs, and dams that had turned their state from a natural desert into a man-made paradise……Green utopians went further and demanded that an ailing three-inch bait fish in the San Francisco delta receive more fresh oxygenated water. In the last five years, they have successfully gone to court to force millions of acre-feet of contracted irrigation water to be diverted from farms to flow freely out to sea….Instead of an adult state with millions of acre-feet stored in new reservoirs, California is still an adolescent culture that believes that it has the right to live as if this were the age of the romantic 19th-century naturalist John Muir — amid a teeming 40-million-person 21st-century megalopolis…..To Read More……

My Take - I have often said the beginning of wisdom is the price of gasoline. Well, that line of logic can easily be extended to other aspects of insane greenie policies. At some point the lack of water will be the beginning of wisdom in California, that and the lack of funding due to the lack of industry, which is fleeing the state hand over fist. What I find almost mesmerizing about all of this is how can anyone in public office be incapable of seeing what the consequences of all of this will be? Cities are going bankrupt – this started in California –agriculture is dying, public employees demand and get contracts that cannot be in any way honored because the money will not be there and the leftists in California think they’re at the higher end of the typical leftie, "we’re better than you’ scale",…AKA…. Self Righteous Scale. What do they think is going to bail them out this leftist mess? There is no logical foundation for believing a continuation down the path that got them into this mess can in any way fix it! For them to do so requires them to be insane. That's the only logical explanation.
Oh, one more thing. It occurs to me that bankruptcy is also the beginning of wisdom. It's also the end of the beginning of wisdom. It's called hindsight. That's when everyone looks back and realizes - too late - everything they did was stupid, and everything that happened was avoidable. It's frightening to think that so many insanely stupid people are in charge, in so many areas, including industry and business. The penalty for all this stupidity is on the horizon. Dystopia, the one thing at which the left excels since the French Revolution!

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