Sunday, February 16, 2014

Government’s Insane Hallucinations

By Patrice Lewis
Just when you think things can’t get any stupider with Obamacare, things gets stupider.  Before we delve into the latest examples of utter idiocy, let’s review a few benefits of the Obamacare “Affordable” Care Act, shall we?...... At the beginning of this column, I alluded to more idiocy and stupidly on behalf of the ACA. Wanna hear the latest?
It seems many companies are trying to keep from going bankrupt due to the massive increase in health insurance costs, so in order to do this they’re reducing their workforce to get under the threshold of insurance requirements. Makes sense, right?  Wrong. The government professes to be horrified – gasp – at this development (remember, these are people who have never run a business), so their solution is – get this – to not permit it……While the National Guard conducts drills against imaginary right-wing anti-government citizens, the obvious escapes us: It isn’t the people who are out of control, it is our elected officials. The government is wildly, insanely out of control, and knows it. That’s why it’s terrified of ordinary citizens and doing whatever it can to limit legal our God-given rights (particularly firearms ownership) in order to control us.
From all this deranged activity, I can only conclude one thing: Elements within the United States government are making a serious and concerted effort to bring about America’s downfall…... To Read More…..

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