Sunday, February 16, 2014

California desert mirror energy or green mirage

Paul Taylor February 16, 2014Share on Twitter
The partisan scapegoating of global warming has baited political and allied business opportunists with loose money to promote very expensive “renewable” and “sustainable” energy projects – most of which fail cost/benefit analyses. For example, new “fracking” to massively increase petroleum fuels replaces recent renewable energy projects on a cost basis alone.
Myopic and unsustainable government mandates to control questionable climate threats inflate consumer costs and cause electric power shortfalls. The California Energy Commission’s green/renewable energy obsessions mandate California's electric utility companies to use new low-carbon renewable energy to produce 33 percent of their electric power by 2020…….But, it has to pay the cost of impacts to the endangered Desert tortoise, and those poor desert birds that get toasted when flying through the high-energy solar array........ For comparison, building a conventional electric power plant fired by fracked natural gas would cost about $1,000 per megawatt of electric power generated, a fraction of the $5,500 per megawatt that Ivanpah will cost…..To Read More….

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