Friday, February 21, 2014

Green Group's GM War Costing Millions Of Lives, Claims Environmentalist

by Breitbart London 19 Feb 2014
The Soil Association (SA), Britain's foremost organic food organisation, is indirectly responsible for the deaths of millions of children because of its ongoing opposition to Golden Rice, a leading environmentalist has claimed.
Dr Patrick Moore, a co-founder of Greenpeace, has accused the Soil Association -- which claims to be responsible for the certification of around 70 percent of organic produce in the UK -- of using "lies and scare tactics" and "anti-science extremism" in its campaign against the "miracle" genetically-modified (GM) crop, Golden Rice.  Golden Rice is modified to cure vitamin A deficiency, which kills more than two million children each year, and causes another 500,000 to go blind.  But the Soil Association claims that Golden Rice is expensive, ineffective, unethical and potentially dangerous......... "The campaign against GM technology is a classic propaganda campaign based on fear of the unknown. As Greenpeace has said of Golden Rice, 'there may be unforeseen health issues'. 'Unforeseen' sounds scary, but it really indicates that they know of nothing that could be harmful. And note the tentative nature of 'may be'. Indeed there isn’t anything to the campaign but fear tactics to raise cash contributions from well intentioned, but misguided, supporters."
The full text of Moore's rebuttal can be read at the Allow Golden Rice Now website.....To Read More...... 

My Take - I have been following this for ten years and ten years ago it was believed, due to irrational claims and blockades constantly being thrown up by the misanthropy of the green movement, it would take at least five years longer than necessary to get this life saving product to the poor suffering people of the world. It's taken ten, and in those ten years there have been "at least" 500,000 children a year who have gone blind unnecessarily. All because of a movement that demands the world adopt policies they claim are "for the children".
Just whose children is it they’re so concerned about? It certainly aren’t the children of the third world, because every policy they have embraced and pushed hasn’t been “for” the children, it’s been “to” the children. Is it the first world’s children they’re so worried about? If so, why is it they hate the children of the third world so badly? And they truly must hate the poor suffering children of the third world because virtually every policy they embrace kills them, sickens them and keeps them in poverty, squalor, misery and suffering.
The green movement delivers the one thing the left excels at –dystopia! They work 24/7 to eliminate pesticides, prevent power plants from being built, prevent logging, mining, road building, oil exploration and extraction, only use primitive farming methods, and as a result poverty keeps the third world in the cold and miserable and unending embrace of dystopia - with children in the third world dying in mass.
They spew out ridiculous solutions and arguments, while emotionally compelling to the unaware, are logical fallacies. They claim this won’t stop poverty. True, but that’s a red herring fallacy, and nothing to do with the fact that when a society is filled with sick people they are incapable of pulling themselves out of poverty. Golden Rice may not end poverty, but it will create a far healthier society with the physical tools capable of ending it.
We need to understand this above all. The green movement is really great at finding fault, even when none exists, but they are total idiots when it comes to finding solutions. Just like community organizers - they’ve never had a real job – never had to be responsible to fix anything - and they’re truly successful at one thing - mass murder! Does that seem harsh and unkind? Well, this is a movement that's going around telling the world they want to eliminate between four and five billion of our fellow humans, and they're the moderates within the movement. Nothing I've said about people such as this could possibly be unkind or unwarranted.
What I would like to know is when are these people going to be brought to account for all the people who have suffered and died as a result of their policies and actions?

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