Monday, February 10, 2014

Iran Vehemently Denies that Its Foreign Minister Opposes a Second Holocaust

By Andrew C. McCarthy February 4, 2014
Whew, glad they cleared this one up.
The Washington Free Beacon notes that, in an outbreak of temporary sanity, Iranian foreign minister (and John Kerry negotiating partner) Javad Zarif asserted that the “Holocaust should not happen again” and that “the extermination of Jews by the Nazi regime was tragically cruel and should not happen again.”
Publication of these sentiments provoked great outrage in the Islamic republic and now, top Iranian officials are vehemently denying that Zarif said any such thing. According to the Iran’s state-run Fars News Agency, Zarif’s deputy, Hassan Qashqavi, insists that the reports are “not true,” and that “in a phone conversation that I had with Mr. Zarif, he completely rejected the remarks attributed to him.” Qashqavi stressed that “the Islamic republic’s stance” on Israel “has not changed” a bit from “what has been repeatedly announced by this country’s diplomacy apparatus.
That stance, of course, is that Israel must be destroyed.......To Read More....
My Take - When are people going to learn? They can't be Islamists and do otherwise. Back in the 1970's one of the dumbest people ever to represent Ohio in the House of Representatives, Mary Rose Oakar, went to the Middle East and came back waving a piece of paper in her hand signed by Yasser Arafat almost quoting Neville Chamberlain, "Peace in our time!" Well, about a nanosecond later Arafat and his boys declared they never agreed to any such thing.
You can't do business with people whose religion allows - even requires - they renege on any agreement with infidels when it becomes convenient, especially if it will advance Islam. We really need to understand that Islam is not a religion. It's a criminal organization masquerading as a religion that came into existence through violence, murder, rape and pillage. Furthermore, it's maintained and expanded via the same tools. So why would anyone believe anything they say, unless it has to do with their proclamations about committing violence, murder, rape and pillage. For that we can be assured they can be trusted to carry out. That's history!

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