Sunday, February 16, 2014

EPA’s Anti-Job, Anti-Income Agenda

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When people remember Richard Nixon, they think of Watergate or, possibly, his opening to China. But when I remember Richard Nixon, I don’t think of Watergate or China. Rather, I think of what is turning out to be the worst aspect of this troubled president’s legacy: establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In an era of big government and intrusive bureaucracies, the EPA tops them all in the promulgation of burdensome, unnecessary, expensive regulations that choke the life out of an already floundering economy and rob Americans of income they cannot afford to lose….. The Heritage Foundation predicts that the EPA’s new coal regulations will eliminate approximately 600,000 jobs by 2023—270,000 of them will be high-skill, high-wage manufacturing jobs. Coal mining jobs will decrease by 30 percent……. Thanks a lot Presidents Nixon and Obama. The former established the EPA. The latter transformed it into a job-killing monster......
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My Take - The fix?  Repeal the 16th and 17th Amendments!

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