Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Democrats cry foul when Republicans use their favorite tactic against them

By Noemie Emery | FEBRUARY 25, 2014
Opinion,Noemie Emery,Columnists,Obamacare,Health Care,MagazineDemocrats don't always hate anecdotes -- they love them when used by Obama and Hillary Clinton --... Irked at the gall of Republicans in using the Democrats' votes for health care against them, liberals have discovered a plot that is even more sinister: the GOP is using "anecdotes" (i.e., the stories of people who have been hurt by the measure) in an effort to take the Left down.
By "anecdotes" they mean stories like the those of Edie Littlefield Sundby, the stage-four cancer patient who can't keep her old team of physicians; the parents who can't take children to the hospitals at which they were formerly treated; the people having trouble paying their premiums; or the story related in the Wall Street Journal on Monday by Stephen Blackwood, whose mother, also suffering from a rare form of cancer, can no longer get access to the medicines that have kept her alive.
This isn't quite what the Left had expected. Last year, Jonathan Chait mocked the frustrated quest of the Right for Obamacare victims, as the only ones likely were selfish rich people, and "neither the medical specialist nor the hospital executive nor the upper-income taxpayer quite offer the politically sympathetic face of the Everyman struggling under Obama's socialist boot.".....To Read More.....

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