Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Energy and Environmental Newsletter

Our latest Energy and Environmental Newsletter is now available online. Some articles in this issue that are of particular interest:
·         London School of Economics: Property Values Do Decline (over a million properties analyzed!)
·         Dr. Amanda Harry: Wind Turbines, Noise and Health (a classic worth revisiting)
·         State hit with gale of opinion on wind turbines (note the foundation of the case for wind proponents)
·         Wind Permits Allowing Eagle Deaths Face Blowback (maybe a crack in the green wall?)
·         Town Study on Wind Energy (a superior job was done by these citizens)
·         Wind Energy Meeting Silences the Public (this is one of several tactics used worldwide, to stifle opposition)
·         AGW testimony (Extremely informative, particularly the questions. Start at 11:07.)
·         Climate Change’s Inherent Uncertainties (by a PhD with exceptional credentials)
·         Dr. Curry: Review of the President’s Climate Action Plan (very pertinent)
In some circumstances, lawsuits are the best option. Here are some interesting examples just in this issue:
·         23 Texas wind project lessors sue over noise, nuisance and property value (an extremely rare situation when lessors sue)
·         Great Lakes wind project cancelled due to avian lawsuit (just the threat of a suit worked)
·         Neighbor sues over noise from Sheffield wind turbines (good but a 1983 lawsuit would be better)
·         NY Wind Project Loses Court Case (effectively on property value/health grounds)
·         Town Sues State Utility Regulator After Wind Project Gets Go-Ahead (this should happen more often)
·         Cape Wind project opponents file new lawsuit (keeping the pressure on)
John Droz, Jr. Physicist & Environmental advocate

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