Friday, February 21, 2014

Heterodoxy Isn’t For the Faint of Heart, the Ignorant or the Stupid!

By Rich Kozlovich
Over the years I've written about which countries show the most interest in Paradigms and Demographics (P&D). Currently the all time top ten list is headed by the United States, Germany, Russia, France, China, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Canada, Ukraine and Slovenia.
For the month the U.S. is followed by China, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, Bulgaria and Slovenia.
For the week it’s the U.S., China, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Canada and Slovenia.
For the day it the U.S. China, Ukraine, France, Canada, Poland, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom and Bulgaria.
I've said in the past that I didn't place too much stock in this because there's no way I can track what subjects they're interested in after they start scanning the posts, but I've come to see this differently.
Somewhere around 18 months ago things started to change regarding who was paying the most attention. Bulgarian readers started hitting P&D a lot - and for a few weeks. As I said, I can't always tell what my readers are interested in, but I had been posting a large number of links to articles dealing with fracking, mostly from Steve Milloy’s, and - lo and behold - the number of hits on those posts and a large readership from Bulgaria ran concurrently. About two weeks later there was a strong movement to overturn the Bulgarian government’s anti-fracking policy.
The previous winter had been extremely cold in Eastern Europe and a number of people froze to death due to a lack of energy. Sufficient natural gas would have prevented those deaths. More lives lost due to environmentalist's scaremongering and posturing about CO2 levels and global warming. Did P&D have anything to do with that? I have no way of knowing.
For years I rarely had any hits from mainland China, but about the same time Chinese readership started showing up, and as the months progressed the numbers exploded to the point they're solidly number two in the short term and number five in the all time list and moving up fast there.
Ukraine readers also started showing interest about that time, and has consistently been in the top ten ever since, and in recent weeks moving up and down in the top five. Since I post so many articles about tyranny, socialism and its ills I wonder what impact that has had with Ukrainians.
Initially Paradigms and Demographics was an anti-green blog, and it was my intent to keep it ‘green only’! However, as time went by I found it was impossible to separate ‘green’ from ‘left’. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union environmentalism has been the spear point for the imposition of worldwide socialism, and it was impossible to ignore.
You will notice the countries that have become stable readers of P&D are all struggling under socialist governments, or have in recent years, thrown off the socialist yoke, or struggling to gain more freedom. The Ukrainian crisis is one such example.
I’ve been told no one reads, or cares what I have to say, and if they do it has no or little impact on people’s thinking. Perhaps so, and it would be hubris to say otherwise since I have no hard evidence to the contrary, but as I watch the world and see who shows interest in my musings I can’t help but think someone is paying a bit of attention because it appears a substantial number keep coming back. One reader, Paul Ransom, a Canadian graduate of McGill University - who apparently ran Paul Ransom Geological services - gives me a +1 Google hit on some of my posts. Thanks Paul!
Perhaps a great number of people really are paying attention, but perhaps not. It has been my experience in life that very often people think thoughts they’re afraid to say, or unwilling to say in order to avoid conflict and confrontation. But those thoughts need to be said by someone, and I think it is important for those people to see it being said. I think most people know what they believe is right - especially when it comes to environmental issues - but just can't seem to develop the intellectual argument to articulate and defend their positions. Every issue has an historical foundation and an historical context. And everything we are told should bear some resemblance to what we see going on in reality. If the issue under discussion fails in either of these criteria, it’s wrong. All that is left to do is develop the intellectual argument to explain why it’s wrong. I provide that intellectual argument. People can now choose to use those arguments, ignore those arguments or even challenge them. But now they have a choice, and honest hearted people need those choices. They're the ones I seek!
This is a battle to overturn propaganda, lies, misrepresentations and hypocrisy –win or lose – and this is the battle of our time. The battle that must be fought! The left, including the green movement, wins the battle of emotions, they always have. We win the battle of facts, we always have. To win the war we must win the battle of emotions and the battle of facts, and being loved isn’t going to be a part of that, because heterodoxy isn’t for the faint of heart, the ignorant or the stupid.


  1. I was surprised that my Google +1 deserved a mention! I have been following P&D since it was only distributed by email, probably 10 years ago. Your series on logical fallacies was excellent and deserves its own link. I stopped reading national newspapers two decades ago as letters to the editor was about all that interested me. I hope the local paper continues to publish, but the digital writing is on the wall. I can not avoid some tv news but I am not a junkie. My daily routine includes checking several sites for information important to me; that includes P&D where I often learn things are never quite how the MSM portray them.

    Thank you Rich for creating and maintaining this most interesting blog site.

    Paul Ransom

  2. Paul,

    Thank you and I agree about the logical fallcies.

    Rich K.