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Friday, March 17, 2023

Maryland Democrats propose eliminating a murder felony for anyone under the age of 25

March 16, 2023 By Olivia Murray

  1. Although rhetorical, what do the following items have in common/
  2.  American chattel slavery
  3.  Opposition to the Thirteenth Amendment 
  4. Jim Crow laws  
  5. Literacy tests at the pollsThe War on Poverty 
  6. Reparations

They’re prominent examples of a longstanding and ongoing war to subjugate the Black community, and (un)coincidentally, the oppressors fall entirely in one political camp — the Democrat party............ 

So why are Democrats sponsoring legislation that would preclude charging those under 25 with first-degree murder so long as a victim died during the alleged commission of a rape or other violent act? Well, duh! Racism and White privilege of course!..............Blacks in Maryland do face arrest for murder at a disproportionately high rate, because they commit a disproportionate amount of the murders. But there’s also another “disproportionate” and far more important figure to consider: the victims of these crimes are overwhelmingly Black themselves. (The favored ‘protect the abuser’ routine of the Democrats is rather tired, isn’t it?)

Let’s take a look at rape and carjacking, two of the crimes that would prohibit a first-degree murder charge thanks to the bill in question…..............Baltimore seems to be a decent barometer, as it is the most populous city in Maryland; in an official report put out by the Baltimore Police, data showed the victims of rape were largely Black (a rounded 66%). For context, there were 180 cases of reported rape where the victim was Black, while the next closest skin color demographic was the White community, with 78 cases of reported rape; ergo, a Black person in Baltimore is more than twice as likely to be raped as a White person...............To Read More.....

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