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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Mark Levin provides insight about what happened in Israel

June 15, 2021 By Andrea Widburg

Those who long for a parliamentary system in America, instead of our "winner take all" system, would do well to look at what's been happening in Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu, after twelve years as prime minister, is now out and, in his place, there's an unstable coalition made of people whose only common bond is that they, like the Israeli equivalent of America's Deep State, wanted Bibi out. Mark Levin does a good job explaining what happened.

In parliamentary systems, the people do not vote directly for the prime minister. Instead, parliament itself chooses its leader. If there's a clear majority and a single minority, it's simple. If there's a clear majority and several minorities, all of which are too small to combine against the majority, it's still simple.

It starts being a problem when there isn't a majority but is, instead, only a plurality. A plurality means that one party received more votes than each of the other parties received. However, the first party nevertheless failed to receive more than half of the total votes. offers a good example:............To Read More....

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