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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

What Happened to Honor Among America’s Military Leaders?

America’s top military leaders have thrust themselves into the national spotlight by their overt politization and cowardly acquiescence to the radicalized Democrat Party.  The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Milley, in Congressional testimony, defended the teaching and promotion of Marxist based Critical Race Theory throughout the military.  He also linked what he categorized as rampant “White Rage” to the 75+million supporters of President Trump.  The Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Gilday, defended the Navy-wide dissemination of an anti-White virulently racist screed.

Admiral Gilday testifies (YouTube screengrab)

Further, the Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, ordered a purge throughout the military of those he considers “extremists” (i.e., the supporters of President Trump) while tacitly agreeing with Joe Biden that the most lethal threat to America is domestic violent extremism, in other words, the untold millions of “White” people that supposedly advocate nearly non-existent “white supremacy”. 

Beyond the pandering to the radicalized Democrat party is the sheer folly of deliberately defaming and alienating an entire segment of the population.  One that currently accounts for nearly 60% of all active service members. As among the tenets of Critical Race Theory is the proposition that all White people are inherently and irredeemably racist.  Thus, they are predisposed to racial violence and domestic terrorism. .............

If there were any honor among America’s current military leadership, they would resign their commissions for allowing not only the overt politization and misuse of the military to happen but also for betraying the trust of the American people who for decades have viewed the military as the most reliable and trustworthy of all the nation’s institutions.  Over the decades until 2019, 70-80% of all Americans had a great deal of trust and confidence in the military, today it is at 56% and rapidly declining. 

But there does not appear to be honor among those that wear the stars of top rank and privilege as they are vociferously defending the dishonor they have heaped upon themselves and by default upon on those patriotic and brave Americans of all races that they command............To Read More.....


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