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Friday, June 18, 2021

The Biden-Putin Geneva Summit Shows America & The West as LEADERLESS

That Russia “did not want a new Cold War” is a hopeful thing. After all, Putin may never, as charged, have stolen the 2016 American Election, but certainly stole what was supposed to be Joe’s Big Show at the Geneva Summit 

By ——--June 17, 2021

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With the Mainstream Media missing the boat as usual, it was the televised visuals that proved Russian President Vladimir Putin left U.S. President Joe Biden in the dust in what was supposed to be a joint press conference but was held separately following the 2021 G-7 Summit.

Putin not only got to stage his presser FIRST, but held it INSIDE the historic Villa la Grange, an 18th-century building overlooking Lake Geneva (where it was certainly nice and cool), in front of a blue wall with “Geneva 2021” logos all over it behind him, while Biden was giving his out in the summer heat (standing in the sun, not in the shade—during which, he had to take off his jacket, saying he had to take off his “coat”!!!).

So, Putin was boss! He was there inside. Biden was cast outside, like a dog! And the logo “Geneva 2021” in the background was only visible in Putin’s press conference. In other words, he was able to monopolize the situation while Biden was neutralized.

Only Fox News anchor Chris Wallace and other ‘journalists’ of his ilk could claim that the bumbling Biden came out on top.

The worst visual of the day wasn’t when Biden lost his cool in the glaring sunshine to lecture a CNN reporter:

“When a CNN journalist asked why Mr Biden was confident Mr Putin would change his behaviour, the US president became visibly irritated, retorting: “If you don’t understand that, you’re in the wrong business.” He later apologised for being a “wise guy”. (BBC, June 16, 2021)..........To Read More....


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