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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Wealth, Poverty and the Church of Wokeness By Rich Kozlovich

Before we pursue this let's understand that to understand what goes on in the world is predicated on two things.

Demography and Geography. 

Which is why I named this blog Demographics and Paradigms, because demographics create paradigms and paradigms create demographics.

First, for any nation to be stable enough to build wealth, it must have stable institutions.  The rule of law must be foundational to any society if it wishes to be enriched.  In poor countries the rule of law is a joke.  Corruption runs rampant from the lowest bureaucrat to the highest members of the government. 

Often it's complained how these countries have not become rich because they had been occupied by stronger and wealthier nations.  Well, that's part of the picture, but the reality is they became occupied because they were failed societies with no concept of the rule of law. 

When European powers left Africa they also left viable institutions behind.  Those institutions were destroyed by what can only be described as a corrupt tribal mentality, or clan based social paradigms if you will.  Individuals were chosen for the family or tribal affiliations, not competence.  That invariably led to layer after layer of corruption since there was no consequence for their failures, hence, those failures mounted and negatively impacted the financial health of the nation. 

All this resulted in a failure to generate capital and that failure made it difficult if not impossible to raise taxes sufficient to pay for those things absolute necessary for a good economic environment , such as transportation and education.  What ends up happening is tyranny takes the place of the rule of law.  That's followed by no right of redress, no real ownership on anything, no freedom of speech, no freedom of information, total control of the media and an ignorant uneducated public.  

That's not the way to build wealth.

Religion also plays a foundational role as it creates cultural paradigms.  The poorest nations are also the most religious, particularly Islam.  Yet the richest nations are based on Christian concepts, especially Protestant concepts of personal responsibility.  The poorest nations are based on socialist economic and political paradigms.    The poorest nations also have a infrastructure problem that often is geography related.  

Venezuela has little commerce to the South of them because the terrain is so difficult ultimately leading to the Amazon basin.  They have no rail transportation that can deliver reliable travel to the mineral rich interior and the railroads don't even connect with their Northern neighbors of South America.  That makes everything they buy and sell far more expensive than necessary.

In many nations the soil is so bad it's difficult to grow sufficient food to maintain their population without starvation, which often is offset by wealthy nations donating tons of food to prevent human disasters.  Yet Israel managed to overcome that via capitalism, and that's without an oil industry.

Finally, insect transmitted diseases that could be far more easily controlled except for the interference of environmental activists who want pesticides banned.  An effort that killed, depending on who you read,  between thirty and one hundred million people in these poor third world nations in the 20th century as a result on the ban on DDT.

When nations are filled with corruption and incompetence there will be no effort to devote the necessary resources to fight these diseases properly. That incapacitates so many in their populations, and that makes creating a wealthy society impossible.  

What's scary is this is now this same kind of corruption and incompetence has now become ensconced in wealthy western nations at all levels, whether it's education, academia, entertainment, government, and even commerce.  

The Church of Wokeness is a left wing secular religious movement that will destroy society because that's their goal, and society is allowing it to happen.  

  • We're watching the rule of law being replaced by mob justice.  
  • We're seeing individual responsibility being replaced with welfare. 
  • We're seeing success being punished and failure being rewarded.  
  • We're seeing our culture being ridiculed and destroyed by "cancel culture" insanity. 
  •  We're seeing our institutions being used for political gain, including the military, justice and law enforcement agencies. 
  • We're seeing violent radicals being allowed to run rampant and descent citizens being thrown into prison.  
  • We're seeing our cities being turned into violent, filthy cesspools.  
  • We're seeing voter fraud putting radical leftists in positions of power.  
  • We're seeing the nation's wealth being confiscated, redistributed and wasted.

How long will that go on before the wealth and stability that was America is replaced with dystopia?


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