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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Want to End Electoral Fraud? Light Up the Infrastructure!

June 14, 2021  By Jay Valentine

When our team broke some of the largest organized property/casualty insurance and Medicaid fraud rings, we found different classes of fraud.  There was opportunistic fraud, where someone had a quick shot at a scam, pulled it off, and disappeared.  Statistically, that was less than 2%.

Then there was organized auto wreck fraud.  A doctor, for instance, recruits low-income people to stage car accidents.  The perp gets a jalopy, swerves in front of the Mercedes on the highway, gets rear ended, and files a claim.  So do the other 34 people allegedly in the car.  The doctor treats them all, then sends them to his pal the chiropractor, who sends them to the same attorney, same auto body shop.  The same car may be used repeatedly.  Medicaid and insurance firms pay the bills.

Why is this so hard to find?.................Election fraud, folks, has a lot of the same characteristics. .............
Fraudsters cannot hide 100,000–250,000 votes.  They likely did not take the time to create a different name and real address for every one of them.  This will quickly show up in some manner with voter roll and ballot analysis......... Once identified, fraud infrastructure becomes useless, toxic.  No candidate is going to supinely take a loss of 4,500 votes with over 10,000 people clearly voting illegally — when their names and addresses are at hand on an iPhone.  Infrastructure that took forty years to build is now useless.  It cannot be rebuilt at scale anytime soon.

Transparency thwarts the left's claim that one is suppressing the black, Latino, and poor vote.  Just go to the database and say, "Well, yes we are suppressing the vote — the vote of the dead, the underage, those who voted twice and 6,354 people who claim to live in a UPS box." ..........Be optimistic. .............To Read More.....

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