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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Psychiatrist Who Fantasized About Shooting White People Says White People Are 'Psychopathic'

Julio Rosas Julio Rosas  Jun 18, 2021 

The psychiatrist who gave a lecture at Yale University’s School of Medicine where she told faculty and staff she has had fantasies about shooting white people in the head remained unapologetic in a new interview.  In the interview with Marc Lamont Hill, Dr. Aruna Khilanani remained said white people are "psychopathic" and the "good apples" analogy does not apply to them.

"I'm talking about people have this idea that racism is something if you're consciously racist, or if you're a Klan member. I'm making the claim that racism is something that is unconscious and is actually in everyone. Everyone uses these words systemic...and yet individually when you call them out, they'll be like, 'You can't say that,'" Khilanani said...........To Read More.....



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