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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Columbia University is to the left of Kim Jong-un

June 15, 2021 By Andrea Widburg

If you're paying any attention to what's going on in America's colleges and universities, you know that these places work hard to indoctrinate students into American Marxism, which substitutes race, sex, and climate change for Karl Marx's original ideas about capitalists and workers. Naturally, Democrats and other leftists have pushed back, saying conservatives are exaggerating for effect so they can take over those institutions, kick out all the minorities and gays, and institute a "Handmaid's Tale" regime. But what if it's not a conservative saying academia has gone off the leftist deep end? What if it's someone who escaped from North Korea who says this?

Well, that's just who's saying it. In 2016, Yeonmi Park, who escaped from North Korea at great cost to herself, transferred from a South Korean university to Columbia University. Columbia, as you know, is the institution from which Obama graduated, and that still protects his undergraduate grades by keeping them sealed in a deep vault to which no one may ever have access.

Park was shocked by what she found at Columbia. According to what she told Fox News, the indoctrination is more aggressive and unending than what takes place in North Korea itself:.........To Read More....

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