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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Media Balance Newsletter

June 14, 2021 by John Droz, Jr.  physicist & citizen’s rights advocate

Welcome to the latest issue of our Media Balance Newsletter, which covers a wide range of national interest topics: from COVID to Climate.

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COVID-19: Therapy —

COVID-19: Vaccines —

COVID-19: Models & Data —

COVID-19: Dr. Fauci —

COVID-19: Misc —

Greed Energy Economics —

Wind and Solar Energy —

Nuclear Energy —

Fossil Fuel Energy —

Misc Energy —

Manmade Global Warming: Some Deceptions 

Manmade Global Warming: Misc —

US Election Laws, HR-1/S-1:

US Election Laws, HR-4:

US Elections, Arizona Issues:

US Elections, Wisconsin Issues:

US Elections, Other State Issues:

US Elections, New Audit Report:

US Politics, Other —

US Politics and Socialism —

Other US Politics and Related —

Religion Related —

Education Related —

Science and Misc Matters —

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Note 1: It’s recommended to read the Newsletter on your computer, not your phone, as some documents (e.g. PDFs) are much easier to read on a large computer screen…  Common fonts, etc. have been used to minimize display issues.

Note 2: To accommodate numerous requests received about prior articles, we’ve put together detailed archives — where you can search by year, or over the ten+ years of the Newsletter. For a detailed background about the Newsletter, please read this.

Note 3: See this extensive list of reasonable books on climate change that complements the Newsletter. As a parallel effort, there is also a list of some good books related to industrial wind energy. Both topics are also extensively covered on our website.

Note 4: If you'd like to join the 10,000+ worldwide readers and get your own free copy of this periodic Newsletter, simply send John an email saying that.

Note 5: John is not an attorney or a physician, so no material appearing in any of the Newsletters (or the website) should be construed as giving legal or medical advice. His recommendation has always been: consult a competent, licensed attorney when you are involved with legal issues, and consult a competent physician regarding medical issues.

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