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Monday, June 14, 2021

Jews may be realizing that the Democrat party is not their friend

I have access to a Facebook group composed of strongly Democrat-voting Jewish Zionists.  It has been fascinating over the past six months watching them coming to come to terms with the fact that, no matter how much Democrats talk about "white supremacists," the only hatred for Jews and Israel is coming from people affiliated with the Democrat party.  This problem has accelerated for them in the wake of the recent fighting between Israel and her genocidal neighbors.

When I scroll through the Facebook page, more and more, these Zionist Democrats are posting things from conservative sites about the rising anti-Semitism in America or being forced to confront anti-Semitism in often celebrated members of their political party. Here's a sampling of what's they've posted about in just the past few days:.......... 

Several of them posted with approval Kathryn Wolf's The Screamers, in which she explained that, beginning in 2019, she was trying hard to counter rising anti-Semitism in Durham, North Carolina (a city that gave over 80% of its votes to Joe Biden).  Nobody in the Jewish community (which gave over 77% of its votes to Biden) wanted to acknowledge this problem.  And since then, she says, anti-Semitism is exploding — and every place she named (New York City, Alameda County, Columbia University, Brown University) is a Democrat redoubt.  Her point was that, at least in the circles in which she travels, if you're a Jew who fears anti-Semitism in America, "The cavalry is not coming.  We are the cavalry."  In other words, your fellow Democrats will not save you when the anti-Semitic mob beats down your door..........To Read More....

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