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Monday, April 19, 2021

DOJ Report: For Black Victims of Violent Crime, 70.3% of Offenders Are Fellow Blacks, 10.6% of Offenders Are White

By Michael W. Chapman | April 15, 2021

For black victims of violent crime, a Department of Justice report for 2018 shows that 70.3% of their offenders were black and 10.6% of their offenders were white. In other words, the overwhelming majority of violent crimes against blacks are committed by other blacks.  The same report showed that blacks comprise the largest percentage (27.5%) of violent criminal offenders against Asian-Americans. On the flip side, less than 0.1% of Asians are involved in violent crimes against blacks..............

 Yhe report, Criminal Victimization, 2018, was released in September 2019.  The latest update, Criminal Victimization, 2019, released in September 2020, does not break down the violent crime offenders and victims as was done in the 2018 report. (See Table 14 in Criminal Victimization, 2018.)  

  • As the data in Table 14 of the 2018 report show, whites in 2018 were the victims in 3,581,360 violent incidents. In those incidents, 62.1% of the offenders were white, 15.3% were black, 10.2% were Hispanic, and 2.2% were Asian. 
  • For blacks, they were victims in 563,940 violent incidents in 2018. In those incidents, 10.6% of their offenders were white, 70.3% were black, 7.9% were Hispanic, and 0.1% were Asian.
  • For Hispanics, they were victims in 734,410 violent incidents and for their offenders, 28.2% were white, 15.3% were black, 45.4% were other Hispanics; and only 0.6% were Asian.
  •  For Asians, they were victims in 182,230 violent incidents in 2018. Among their offenders, 24.1% were white, 27.5% were black, 7.0% were Hispanic, and 24.1% were Asian.
.................. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, whites make up 76.3% of the population; blacks comprise 13.4%; Hispanics, 18.5%; and Asians, 5.9%. The total population, as of 2019, was 328,239,523.

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