Sunday, June 23, 2019

Trump vs. Che Guevara on Gay Pride—A Media Comparison

The ignorance and insanity of the mainstream media’s adoration of a mass-murdering homophobe.

“Trump and his administration have repeatedly rolled back existing [LGBT] protections, especially for transgender Americans… This is an all-out attack on not only the rights of trans people but our very existence in the public square,” says Charlotte Clymer, an LGBTQ activist and press secretary at the Human Rights Campaign. “Never have transgender people been under greater threat than under Donald Trump and Mike Pence.”  (Time magazine.)

It’s really difficult to ascertain exactly what atrocities the Trump administration has visited upon America’s LGBTs to merit Time magazine’s outrage. But the Trump State Dept’s ruling that the Gay Pride flag cannot flutter alongside the American flag at U.S. embassies during this “Gay Pride month” has added much volume to Time’s wails of pain and rage.

“Who put a book by that FILTHY F*GGOT on my shelf!” snarled Che Guevara upon noticing a book on the shelf of the Cuban embassy in Algiers in December 1964. The disgusted Che yanked out the book by Virgilio Piñera and slammed it against the wall, while snarling more insults of the sort that would get any American political figure vituperated for life by such as Time magazine, and banned from all social media.........To Read More...

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