Sunday, June 23, 2019

Brexit: How To Prove Rousseau Wrong

Stephen MacLean, Special to the Sun | June 23, 2019

Boris Johnson vs. Jeremy Hunt. Conservative MPs have whittled the list of contenders down to two colleagues, who will now canvas the party membership for support. The prize? To be leader of the Tories and British prime minister. Achieving both is still worth the effort. "Just." Achieving Brexit adds ineffable lustre to each office; without Brexit, each is little more than a pale reflection of past glory.

Heady days indeed for Tory Brexiteers. Not only have they finally rid themselves of failed premier Theresa May -- it lies within their power to anoint a paladin for British independence. Though neither candidate is wholly free of Brexit heresy...........

Don’t waste this chance to push hard for UK independence from the EU. Brexit fidelity is the sine qua non of British politics for the foreseeable future..

Exiting Europe is only the beginning of restoring liberty — first from the bureaucrats at Brussels. Next from Whitehall mandarins and, ultimately, from the political class at Westminster...........Continue Reading

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